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io Grow:CRM for Social Selling


Seamlessly integrate your social network with your sales and CRM Don’t just manage your client relationships. Grow Your Clients. Ideal for small and at-home businesses that depend on their networks to generate business, IO Grow seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Linkedin and Twitter allowing you to capture and manage the value of your social networks. We understand what home based and small businesses need to grow. Our goal is to help you find and convert new high quality clients.
Simple. Clean. Elegant. Seamless. Manage contacts, sales and customer relationships in your sales pipeline with IO Grow. This extremely simple and seamless CRM allows you to easily capture information from meetings, email, Linkedin or twitter and carry your sales data with you wherever you go. With IO Grow you can see where you stand on each one of your deals and manage your tasks. On your computer, smartphone or tablet.
You can try IO Grow free for 30 days - without a credit card. After that, premium plans start at just $15/user.
IO Grow knows what it’s like to be a small business and we want to help you to grow your sales pipeline. With IO Grow finding new leads and tracking client relationships has never been easier. Once you join IO Grow, you can use the web application to synchronize data to the cloud, collaborate with your team and see fantastic reports that will help you improve your client management. Get started with IO Grow to instantly grow your prospects and be in control of your sales and customer relationships.
☆ Import emails, Linkedin and Twitter Profiles into your Leads with the Chrome Extension ☆ Sales tracking and contact relationship management application (CRM) start for free.☆ Capture new leads and manage them through your sales pipeline.☆ Capture information on the go anywhere and anytime.☆ Add tasks and reminders so you always remember to follow up.☆ See the latest updates from your colleagues.☆ And much much more...